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Area Rug Cleaning


Over the past few years area rugs have become popular on both hardwood or tile covered floors. Its rise in popularity is due to the fact that they are soft, comfortable, and also warm. The majority of us are well acquainted with getting rid of carpet stains and how to clean tile floors, but when it comes to area rug cleaning the situation gets a little bit trickier. For most home owners area rugs in Calgary are among the best decorative items in their possession and they would definitely want their rugs to be at their best for as long as possible. However, for those residing in areas with heavy traffic, area rugs tend to pick up dirt quickly, and the same can also be said of homes with pets and children.

Difference between carpets and area rugs

In the past, the terms area rugs and carpet were often interchangeable and one could be used to refer to the other, but now area rugs and carpets are considered to be two totally different items. A carpet is different from a rug in that it is fastened to the floor and usually stretches from wall to wall, while an area rug is not fastened to the floor. Furthermore, these items are manufactured from different materials. This perhaps explains why carpet cleaning and rug cleaning are not similar in any way. While area rug cleaning can be challenging there is no reason to fret, since there are some simple straightforward procedures. These procedures require little or no effort from you and when properly adhered to they can keep your rug clean and looking good at all times.

Importance of cleaning your area rug in Calgary

Area Rug Cleaning In CalgaryIt has been observed that a significant number of Calgary rug owners opt for professional cleaners when they want their rug cleaned. There are several cleaning companies in the market, and with the cut-throat competition around some are offering to come pick up the rug and deliver it back to you once it is clean. Also, some may come to your residence and clean it there. Several types of rug exist and are made up of many unique pieces woven into one large textile; thus they need the services of a trained expert to ensure thorough cleaning.

On the other hand, a good number of people don’t see the importance of maintaining their carpets. Although area rugs may appear to be clean, dust particles, which are not easily noticeable, tend to accumulate as time goes by and are usually a major contributor to the deterioration of the rug. Therefore, in order to lengthen its lifespan, it is important to schedule a regular area rug cleaning timetable. It is recommended that the rug be cleaned at least once a year. Please note that having your rug cleaned professionally by area rug cleaning Calgary expert more than twice a year would not only be a waste of your finances but would also lengthen its lifespan. Apart from cleaning there are also other important things such as ensuring that the rug is rotated once a year. This helps minimize wearing of the rug by ensuring that the rug is walked upon uniformly.

Besides seeking professional cleaning services you can take the initiative yourself and manually clean the rug. Manual cleaning can be done in several ways; you may use a rug cleaner, which is easily available and, depending on your financial situation, you can choose to purchase or rent. It is easier to clean spots immediately when they occur rather than later when they will have dried.

How to prepare for vacuum cleaning

  • Ensure that all furniture and toys have been moved off the rug. You could seek the assistance of a friend or relative to help you move heavy furniture items.
  • Starting from one end roll up the rug and move it to an open area where it can dry without acquiring any new spots. Once you are certain that the area is clean roll out the rug.
  • Vacuum clean the rug until all loose debris, including pet hair, has disappeared.

Step by step guide on how to do manual cleaning

  • Go to any local store and buy a suitable solution used for rug cleaning. There are plenty of options to choose from.
  • Collect all the necessary equipment required to do the cleaning and move them to the location of the area rug. These include warm or hot water, the cleaning solution, a rag and a brush.
  • Starting from the top end of the rug pour the cleaning solution and wet the whole are uniformly. Avoid using excess cleaning solution; one or two squirts are enough.
  • Make use of the soft bristle brush to spread the cleaning solution as well as scrub the carpet. A circular rubbing motion is efficient and ensures that you cover the whole area containing the solution.
  • Once you are through with the rubbing, immerse the rag in warm water then wring it out and wipe the entire area while squeezing out the dirt and cleaning solution.

How to clean your rug using a carpet/rug cleaner

  • Visit any convenient department store and buy or rent a rug cleaner. The cost for renting a carpet cleaner is roughly $20 per day inclusive of the carpet cleaning solution. Buying it will cost you around $200 to $500.
  • Remove the water and solution holder from the cleaner and fill it with the appropriate amount of water and solution. The water line and solution line are separate and, when filling, be careful to avoid mixing up the two. The holder will snap back once you are done.
  • Move the carpet cleaner to the rug location and turn it on by pushing the on switch.
  • Move the cleaner forward over the rug in rows while holding the trigger that enables it to discharge the water and cleaning solution.

Tips and warnings

Ensure that you go through all warnings for any cleaning solution before using it. Also test for fading by having a small portion of the area rug cleaned before the entire area is done.

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