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Restaurant Carpet Cleaning In Calgary

restaurant carpet in CalgaryWe all love to wine and dine in a hygienic environment with clean furniture and spotless cutlery. It is a well-known fact that even the slightest foul odor can ruin a person’s appetite, which can spell doom for any restaurant business. It is therefore a matter of great importance to keep the restaurant environment clean at all times. Restaurants come with all kind of floors: wooden, concrete, tile, carpet, and so on. One thing that all these floors have in common with each other is that they easily become dirty. This comes with the nature of the environment; restaurants are always abuzz with activity, as there are many people and plenty of food and drink, and the residue from these gets mixed up with dust, dirt and grease.

It is common knowledge that dirty floors will lead to a pungent and unpleasant smell, and some restaurants with carpet floors may have learnt this the hard way. The situation is not only limited to carpeted floors; the same can be said of hard surface floors. It is possible for food particles and grease to be embedded in concrete floor cracks or beneath the carpet, and these can become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria are the root cause of the foul odor, which is often worsened by mop water. Research has shown that when a customer perceives any food establishment to be unsanitary or has a bad experience, the chances are very high that they will share that experience with others. Scheduling regular restaurant carpet cleaning in Calgary would help any type of food establishment retain their most valuable customers..

Nature of carpet floors

To ensure a thorough and effective restaurant carpet cleaning it is necessary for one to be well versed in the nature of restaurant carpets. A large number of carpets are fabricated from olefin or dyed nylon and are dyed in a unique pattern that can be best described as “busy”. This particular pattern is popular with restaurant carpets simply because it tends to hide grease, spots and stains. Restaurant dirt is composed of dust, dry soil, sugar, starch and oils that have all compacted onto the carpet via foot traffic. The areas of the carpet with most traffic will be subject to the heaviest wear. In some cases, especially when cleaning has not been done in a long time, extreme measures will have to be taken. A combination of regular vacuum cleaning and the use of walk off mats on areas of heavy traffic help keep the carpet clean for longer.

Procedure for restaurant Calgary carpet cleaning

Dry soil removal: It is much easier to get rid of dry soil in a carpet before the introduction of cleaning solutions. In order to achieve this, a vacuum cleaner will have to be used. A two motor vacuum is used to get rid of deeply embedded soil. Vacuuming also opens the pile which leads to great cleaning results.

Spotting: This second step involves the identification of spots that require more attention. Depending on your preferences you can opt for a pre-spot using a Spotting Kit.restaurant carpet steam cleaning

Pre- spray: This is one of the key steps of this procedure and involves application of Bio-break over the entire carpeted area and makes use of a hydro force sprayer. Either a counter rotating electric brush or a groomer is used in the agitation of the carpet fibers. This results in loosening of the soil as well as working the cleaning solution into the carpet. There are several products for pre-spraying the heavily soiled carpets and greasy carpets on the market. These solvents emulsify grease and minimize fading.


Extract: In simple terms this is the rinsing step where all the loosened soil and grease from the preconditioning steps are washed away. This phase makes use of a solution known as White Lightening and is applied at the chemical injection system. For a portable machine Power Point is used in the tank. In the event of some cases, such as a chewing gum stuck on the carpet, Gum Blaster is recommended.

Wicking Prevention: Two major factors that contribute to wicking are heavy soiling and moisture retention as a result of excessive rubbing. To counter this effect a solution is applied to spots, stains, heavily trafficked areas and other spots that are heavily soiled. To prevent wicking, it is also recommended that one avoids over scrubbing the carpet.

Protection: This step is optional and is basically the application of a solution that strengthens and protects the material of the carpet. Among some of the most popular solutions used for this purpose is the Maxim Carpet Protector.

Pile Setting: This step is only applicable to a cut-pile carpet; other types such as loop pile are excluded. This is done to get rid of wand marks, footprints and also to improve drying and involves grooming the carpet in a single direction.

Drying: It is important to ensure that the ventilation is at maximum level in order to ensure that the carpet dries relatively fast. This can be achieved through opening all windows, turning on the heat and air conditioning system and using air movers. All these help get rid of moisture and for better results additional enhancements to the vacuum, such as cool cuffs and a bigger diameter vacuum hose, can be tried out.


Restaurant carpet cleaning comes with a number of unique challenges and drawbacks that several other carpet cleaning services rarely or never experience. Several considerations have to be taken into account when doing the cleaning, since foot traffic, airborne grease and oil, as well as solid and liquid food particles, has to be factored in. Also, the cleaning times are not as flexible as the rest; it is mainly done on late evenings or well into the night. More often than not the choice of cleaners is usually price motivated. However if the cleaning is done on a regular basis the work load is lessened, which makes it cheaper in the long run.

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