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Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Calgary Alberta

office-careNowadays the use of carpets has become a favorite flooring option for both commercial and residential buildings all over the world. This is largely due to the fact that carpets can be used on almost any type of floor – be it a tile covered floor, concrete or wooden. With the daily use and the high traffic associated with the commercial areas, dust, dirt, greases, stain and the gradual wear of a carpet takes place. The consequences of allowing these impurities to build up are that the carpet appears old and also accelerates the wear and tear of your carpet. Therefore maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is beneficial as it ensures a durable lifespan of service for your commercial carpet.

Office carpet cleaning Calgary faces a number of challenges that are totally different than those experienced in the residential carpet cleaning. Although most of the tasks can be carried out during daytime, cleaning can also be undertaken in the evenings or during weekends. The main challenge in this sector is to be diligent about meeting the customer’s high expectations by successfully clearing spots. To ensure high cleaning success rates a combination of various cleaning methods are employed which include hot water extraction and shampooing. There are various commercial carpet cleaning machines available in the market and although they require a significant initial capital, these machines are of high quality. They are a key factor to maintaining your office space and carpet looking at its best all the time.

Commercial carpet cleaning procedures

Shampoo cleaning

This procedure makes use of a rotary buffer machine which comes equipped with a nylon brush as well as a cleaning solution tank. The shampoo or cleaning solution is mixed based on the manufacture’s guidelines. The entire area where shampoo cleaning is to be done is first vacuumed and if needed caution signs are positioned accordingly. Vacuuming lightens the cleaning process by removing loose soil. Once satisfactory results are achieved the floor buffer is moved in a circular motion while pushing the trigger enabling it to spray the shampoo over the whole area to be cleaned. The nylon brush will effectively scrub the carpet if an up and down motion is used. This shampoo method is recommended for heavily soiled commercial carpets and highly trafficked spots such as office entries.

Hot water extraction

Also known as steam cleaning but contrary to its name the cleaning process does not involve the use of steam. Before using a steam machine the cleaning chemicals and vacuum hoses are connected to the wand and machine unit respectively. The wand is then pushed backwards while pulling the trigger that releases the cleaning chemicals. The process is completed by passing the wand over the area to get rid of excess moisture. This method is efficient for cleaning hard to reach areas such as cubicles and under desks since the wand is more flexible and can reach under any type of office furniture.

Dry Calgary carpet cleaning Process

Most cleaning methods usually involve moisturizing the carpet at one point or another and as a result the carpet takes a significant amount of time to dry up. This becomes a big challenge when it comes to a commercial setting such as offices or restaurants as they are open for most part of the day and even during weekends. Thus the amount of time taken to dry up becomes a matter of high priority when it comes to choosing the cleaning method to be used. Bonnet cleaning is one such method that makes use of least moisture and powdered pellets of a cleaning chemical. It also uses a floor buffer similar to the one used in shampoo cleaning but with a totally different set of attachments. To secure the bonnet pad which resembles a flat mop in place, a block driver is attached to the buffer. The cleaning chemical to be used is mixed with a solvent that vaporizes easily and drained into the pressurized sprayer. The mixture is then sprayed over the area and in a circular motion the bonnet pad is used to buff the carpet, in the process absorbing dirt and moisture. The carpet will be dry and ready for use within sixty minutes.

Spot cleaning

A variety of spot cleaning solutions are used to deal with the different nature of stains that may be encountered in the office. The most popular are the gum and rust remover and the all-purpose since southwest-officechances are high old stuck gum might be found in the elevator or area under the desks. Specific areas such as office entries and where staff eats are given extra attention.


Air movers and fans are needed

Since commercial carpet cleaning usually take place while the office space is still occupied by workers air movers and fans are thus required. In addition wet floor signs are also necessary when working adjacent to bathrooms or other places where people move from the moisturized carpet to a tiles or hard surface floor. The fans and air movers will be particularly useful in drying up these spots as fast as possible.

For a commercial glued down carpet a lot of caution should be taken while choosing the cleaning solution. This is due to the fact that some chemicals in the cleaning solution might react with glue that fastens the carpet leading to loosening of the carpet. Most manufacturers recommend the use of hot distilled vinegar for this type of carpet. The solution apart from protecting the glue also gives thorough cleaning results.

Tips and Warnings

  • Ensure that all visible stains are pretreated before the cleaning process starts.
  • If possible remove all debris and movable furniture from the area to be cleaned.
  • Cleaning should start from the area furthest from the main entrance.
  • The carpet should be given adequate time to dry up before replacing the items that had been moved.
  • On completion of the cleaning process inspect the carpet and if not satisfied with the results have the work redone.


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