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Carpet Steam Cleaning in Cochrane

Carpets cannot be cleaned just by scrubbing or vacuuming. Although they may look clean superficially, they might have dirt and allergens deep within. If you want to have carpets that are free of bacteria, Cochrane carpet cleaningthen you need to hire the services of professionals from a carpet cleaning Cochrane Company.

While experts can help you remove all the stains and odors from your carpets, you still have to be knowledgeable about their different methods so you know what you’re signing up for.

What are the various cleaning methods used by professional carpet cleaners?

One cleaning method professionals employ is hot water extraction cleaning, also known as steam carpet cleaning. Here, experts apply cleaning agents. Afterwards, they use high-pressure hot water to disturb the fibers and remove the dirt that is lodged deep within. Lastly, they rinse the carpet with water and leave it to air-dry naturally. On an average, it will take 45 minutes to clean and an hour to dry 750 square feet of carpeted floors. After Cochrane carpet cleaners service your home, it’s best if you don’t use the carpets for few hours.

Encapsulation is another method of professional carpet cleaning. In this method, synthetic detergents, which transform to crystallized powder after drying are used as a base. The loosened dirt and particles will be encapsulated into the powder after the cleaning foam has dried. Vacuuming is done right after.

If you love the environment, then encapsulation should be your choice of cleaning method. Here, less water is used in the process. Earth-friendly products are also used by carpet cleaning Cochrane experts because they leave no chemical residue. Apart from these green benefits, faster drying time is another perk of encapsulation.

Another method that some experts specialize in is carpet shampooing. This process, which was pioneered in the 1970s, was very popular until encapsulation was introduced. While it has several disadvantages, it’s applicable to certain kinds of carpets.

Bonnet cleaning is another good choice for people who want to clean their carpets. This method makes use of a motorized machine with a spinning pad. This machine is doused with cleaning solution so it can absorb the dirt and particles from the carpet surface. If you want a quick fix, then this process is for you. It is usually utilized in hotels as less moisture is used and drying time is speedy. However, since only the topmost part is cleaned, you would have to call in your professional carpet cleaners frequently.

One of the latest innovations of a Cochrane carpet cleaning company is dry carpet cleaning. Most owners prefer it because it can thoroughly clean carpets without down time ‘ meaning there’s no time lost over the drying period. Developed in the 1980s, dry carpet cleaning involves the application of cleaning powder onto the carpet base by the use of a machine with a rotating brush. The machine lodges the cleaning compound deep within so your carpets are cleaned from top to bottom. Nowadays, the cleaning powders are made from biodegradable materials so they are environment-friendly, unlike other chemical detergents.

With the many types of carpet cleaning, it won’t hurt to know the cleaning services offered by the professionals. In fact, it can help you make the right choice for your carpets. Whatever cleaning option you make, leave it to the hands of carpet cleaning Cochrane experts and you know you’ll get the best services available.

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