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  • Are you still searching for safe carpet cleaners in Calgary, Cochrane, Strathmore, Okotoks or Airdrie?

  • Instead of trying to clean your mattress and the interiors of your house all by yourself, it�s better if you leave the work to the professionals..

  • It is common knowledge that dirty floors will lead to a pungent and unpleasant smell, and some Calgary restaurants with carpet floors may have learnt this the hard way.

Expert Carpet Steam Cleaning in Calgary Ab.

Carpet cleaning in Calgary isn’t something everyone can do. For one, it’s very labor and time-intensive, not to mention both the knowledge of safe cleaning products and the frequency with which cleaning should be done for the best results. So, it’s not surprising that companies and individuals alike turn to professional Calgary carpet cleaning companies. There is a large number of carpet cleaning companies, and most of them claim to be “The Specialist in Carpet Cleaning”. How will you choose the company which suits your budget, meets your standards, and knows it's trade? While we don’t claim to be the best, with years of industry experience, we are the right choice!

Baby Safe

Using natural cleaning products is the most effective option for carpet and furniture cleaning. Are you worried about the long-term effects of strong cleaning chemicals on your health and wellness?

Mattress Cleaning

Hiring Calgary mattress cleaning professionals to remove pet or urine stains may cost you a bit of money initially, but in the long run it is well worth what you pay, and may even save your manufacturer warranty.

Green Cleaning

Alberta green cleaning firm utilizes eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable. Not only is it safe for humans, but also animals and the atmosphere!

Service area: Black Diamond, High River, Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Airdrie, Chestermere

Restaurant Cleaning

It is absolutely essential for your restaurant to maintain a high standard of hygiene, for the well-being of your patrons. To ensure these high standards to the broad array of dining establishment in and around Calgary, it is necessary for us to be well versed in the attributes of restaurant carpets.

    Oxygenie Cleaning Services has several years of cleaning experience with various kinds of carpets in offices and homes, including wool carpets. Each cleaning experience has been unique, and thus we respect every client that has contributed to making us knowledgeable in our field and someone to look up to for advice and guidance. If you too are looking out for a reliable and result-oriented commercial carpet cleaning company, why not get in touch with us? We’ll be happy to render you our best services, whether they are required for your business or your home. Ideally, both should always be sparkling clean.

Are you still searching for CHEMICAL free, safe, GREEN carpet cleaners in Calgary, High River, Cochrane, Chestermere, Okotoks or Airdrie?" We’ve got your Cleaning needs covered. Call us 403 452 4644

Why you should call us for your commercial carpet cleaning services:

Are you seeking carpet cleaning for your office, then we can help you. This is how:

  • We’re responsive and we work fast.
  • We use high speed equipment that cleans carpets really fast—in fact, we can clean 8000 square feet of carpets per hour!
  • We use natural cleaning systems combined with modern techniques that help us leave behind little or no moisture in the carpet. This means you can have your carpets cleaned regularly without it getting in the way of your movements.
  • Some carpets are made of wool, others are synthetic. So, obviously, these need to be cleaned with different chemicals. Only professionals like us know which method best suits specific carpets.
  • By calling us in to clean your carpets, you need not buy or rent carpet cleaning equipment. Besides, professional carpet cleaning is more effective than any gadgets you can buy at stores.
  • Professional carpet cleaners use sanitizing methods to kill bacteria, dust mites and pollen that lie hidden within your carpets. This means that by cleaning your carpets you also improve the air quality throughout your home!
  • Since your business attracts a number of people, it may happen that someone has inadvertently stained the carpet. Using normal cleaning products may only worsen the carpet, if done improperly. That’s when it becomes important to call in a professional carpet cleaning company to remove the stains by using the most appropriate method that will not damage your carpet.
  • We aren’t like some professional cleaning agencies that use low-moisture cleaning techniques and equipment. Such equipment and techniques end up leaving some moisture in the carpet, which would need one more day to dry, thus leading to the formation of mold.
  • We also offer 24 hours emergency water extraction, should your carpet get soaked with water in a flood-like situation or if your domestic water pipes burst.

Apartment Carpet Cleaning in Calgary

Apart from having professional carpet cleaners into your office, it also helps to have them at home. After all, it could be that you are a woman who lives alone and cannot do such strenuous work. Maybe you have a growing family and you are worried that your little kids will spill food and drinks on the carpet, maybe even wiping their muddy shoes on it, ruining your carpet. So, when it comes to apartment carpet cleaning, to save your carpet from dying an early death, it’s best to salvage it by putting it in the hands of professional cleaners.

Have pets messed up your carpet?

Perhaps, you also have a pet or two that could very well have contributed to the stains on your carpet. What about that distinctive odor that you’ve been getting from the carpet each time you walk past it? Surely that’s your hyperactive cat. Well, you can trust us with the pet stain and odor removal for your precious carpet. You can trust us with this aspect of carpet cleaning as we are renowned for using natural, oxygenated, carpet cleaning techniques that completely wipe out pet stains and their odors. Our techniques are both safe and natural and do not damage or destroy your furniture or any part of your home. On the contrary, it leaves a clean, perfume-free, freshness in the air.

Oxygenie Cleaning Services

Oxygenie Cleaning Services, have come to be identified not just with carpet cleaning of homes and offices but also cleaning of furniture and upholstery. And not just that, we have gone one step ahead of our competition by using natural and safe products for cleaning agents. Our cleaning products can safely remove all kinds of stains, dust, dirt, oil stains, grime and mold.

Our clients know us for our safe cleaning products and place their trust in us when they ask us to clean their expensive wall-to-wall carpets. If you too have carpets that need professional care and upkeep, call us on (403) 452- 4644. We’ll be happy to help—whether it’s your carpets at home or at work.

Here's what our clients are saying:

This Calgary firm is much more professional than the majority of trades or service people that I have had experienced, which is unusual; my telephone call was also immediately returned.
- Kelly Wallace - Chestermere - Alberta
They were efficient, truthful and did a wonderful job. I am so impressed with the job they did!
- Tom Anderson - Cochrane - Ab.
I wanted to compliment Ken and his aide for the superb task, I will suggest their service to anyone. I truly like what they did.
- Ali Amadena - Okotoks - Ab.

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